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Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Privacy

How to track the conversion of your Google Ads in a privacy compliant way

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Google Ads Conversion Tracking is an important factor in the success of an online marketing campaign. It allows companies to measure and optimize the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. However, tracking with Google Analytics also involves data protection issues, especially with regard to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The DSGVO regulates the protection of personal data and sets high requirements for the processing of this data. This also includes the tracking of conversions. Companies must ensure that they obtain the necessary consent from users and inform them about the processing of their data.

Cookies and data protection at Google Analytics

Google Analytics uses cookies to track and store user activity. This data can be used to identify and personalize target groups. However, this can also lead to data protection issues, especially if users are not informed about the processing of their data.

To overcome these challenges, we recommend using a server-side tracking solution such as scoby. scoby allows companies to track conversions at the server level without storing or processing user data. This minimizes the risk of privacy issues. scoby is a company based in Germany with servers in Germany. This ensures that Scoby complies with all requirement such as.

  • SCHREMS II and

It is important that companies comply with data protection laws when tracking conversions with Google Ads. Using a server-side tracking solution like scoby is an effective solution to comply with data privacy requirements while measuring the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.