Get AI-Powered Insights on 100% of Your Traffic

Get AI-Powered Insights on 100% of Your Traffic

Experience complete transparency in WordPress analytics with Scoby Analytics. Direct, consent-free measurement paired with AI content analysis offers a 360° view to refine your content strategy.

Precision-Driven WordPress Site Analytics
Gain complete insights into every page view with unmatched precision. Scoby Analytics ensures you never miss a detail, while firmly protecting user privacy. With us, you have a comprehensive analytics tool that honors both your reporting needs and your visitors' rights.
Seamless Setup, Immediate Analytics Gratification
We value your time. Scoby Analytics is designed for effortless setup on your WordPress site. In just one minute, activate our plugin and embark on a journey of intuitive, hassle-free analytics. Start making informed decisions driven by data, not by guesswork.
Turbocharge Your Site with Ultra-Light Analytics
Your site's performance is paramount. Our feather-light server-side plugin won't weigh down your load times but will boost your SEO rankings and Core Web Vitals. Say hello to swift performance and farewell to lag.
Analytics with Anonymity: Our Ethical Promise
At the core of Scoby Analytics is a promise: to uphold anonymity. We ensure compliance with the strictest privacy laws worldwide, liberating you from the hassle of consent dialogs.

5 out of 5 stars

“I've been using Scoby on my website for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say that so far it has been a great experience and one of the better analytics plugins I have tried. The plugin is very lightweight with no measurable impact on site performance, and the dashboard is really extensive with a lot of useful information.”

Douwe Zijlstra
Creator of