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Welcome to the future of Website Analytics.

Scoby Analytics provides complete, anonymous, and precise website analytics, your DPO, CMO, Editors and Analysts will love. Unleash the full potential of your data and make informed decisions without barriers.

Scoby Analytics is a prime example of what modern web web analytics should look like - powerful, user-friendly and, above all, compliant with data protection regulations. I particularly appreciate that Scoby does not require access to end devices and processes all data anonymously.

Dr. Nils Christian Haag
Lawyer & data protection expert
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How Privacy Regulations Impact Your Analytics

Learn how privacy regulations like GDPR and ePrivacy are impacting web analytics, and how Scoby Analytics helps businesses gain valuable insights while complying with strict privacy requirements.

Embracing User-Centric Analytics

Discover the advantages of consent-free analytics with Scoby Analytics. Learn how our solution enhances user experience, ensures compliance, and provides uninterrupted insights without the need for user consent.

Enhancing Digital Privacy with Scoby Analytics

Explore how Scoby Analytics leads the way in ethical web analytics by implementing Privacy Enhancing Technologies such as k-Anonymity, l-Diversity, and Differential Privacy to safeguard website visitor privacy.