AI-Based Content Classification: Advanced Audience Insights

Elevate Your Content Strategy with Advanced AI Classification

Scoby Analytics has developed a powerful AI-based content classification feature to enhance your insights into audience preferences. This premium feature transcends traditional URL or page-level analysis by classifying your articles into distinct Content Categories such as News, Politics, Economy, Sports, and more. It also identifies specific Topics, Entities (like Brands, Persons, Places, or Events), and more general Content Tags.

Scoby Analytics – AI-Based Content Classification

Deep-Dive Content Analysis

  • Content Categories: Easily understand how different genres of content perform on your site. Whether it's breaking news, in-depth political analysis, or sports updates, our AI classifies and tracks the performance of each category to help you tailor your content to what your audience cares about most.

  • Topics and Entities Recognition: Our system not only identifies broad categories but also drills down into specific topics and entities that resonate with your audience. This helps in understanding not just what types of articles are popular, but also which subjects and notable figures are driving interest.

  • Content Tags: Enhance your content's discoverability and relevance with automatically generated content tags that reflect the essence of your articles. These tags assist in fine-tuning your SEO strategies and improving audience engagement.

Strategic Content Planning

This premium feature, in conjunction with our innovative metrics, empowers content producers to make better-informed decisions about strategic content planning. By providing a clearer picture of audience preferences and content performance, Scoby Analytics helps you optimize your editorial calendar and enhance content relevance and engagement.

Scoby Analytics is your partner in transforming raw data into actionable insights for content strategy. Contact us to learn how our AI-based content classification can revolutionize your approach to content production and management.