Enhance Audience Insights Without Compromising Privacy

Gain deeper Insights with Anonymous Visitor Segmentation

Scoby Analytics supports a deeper understanding of your audience by enabling you to leverage your own knowledge of visitors anonymously. For instance, publishers with a subscription-based model can segment their audience into paid and free visitors without compromising individual privacy. This segmentation helps tailor content and services specifically to each group, enhancing your visitors' engagement and satisfaction.

Scoby Analytics – Anonymous Visitor Segments

Effective Audience Segmentation

  • 1st Party Data-based Segmentation: Easily anylze differences in usage between paid and free subscribers, age groups, genders in a completely anonymous manner using our Privacy Enhancing Technology. This allows for targeted strategies that enhance subscription models and marketing efforts without infringing on visitor privacy.

  • A/B Testing Support: Our Anonymous Segments make it simple to measure the impact of different product variants in your A/B tests. By staying out of the browser, all you need to do is add a marker to the page view to indicate which feature or version was used, thus maintaining complete privacy.

Privacy-First Approach

This capability reflects our commitment to privacy-first analytics. By enabling anonymous visitor segmentation, Scoby Analytics ensures that all data collection and analysis respects the privacy of your users, providing insights without the need for invasive tracking techniques.

Scoby Analytics empowers you to optimize your content and marketing strategies based on deep, privacy-respecting insights into visitor behavior. Contact us to learn how our anonymous visitor segmentation can help you better understand and serve your audience while maintaining the highest standards of data privacy.