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A Data Privacy Compliant Alternative to Google Analytics

Scoby Analytics: A Secure Harbor in a Sea of Data Privacy Concerns

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In the age of digital transparency, the question of data privacy looms large for businesses worldwide. A recent case involving Tele2, a major telecom operator in Sweden, and its use of Google Analytics has sounded the alarm for companies transferring data across the Atlantic.

The Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection (IMY) imposed a hefty fine of SEK 12 million ($1.1 million) on Tele2 for violating GDPR rules. The penalty came after an audit on the operator's use of Google Analytics services, which were found to be in breach of data protection regulations.

Google Analytics and GDPR: A Mismatch

The audit was initiated following complaints from an Austria-based digital privacy organization, stating that personal data was transferred to the US via Google Analytics, thus violating GDPR.

According to data protection regulations, personal data can only be transferred to third-party countries outside the EU if the European Commission deems the country to have an adequate level of data protection. But the European Court of Justice ruled that the US, at the time of the audit, did not meet GDPR protective measures.

The version of Google Analytics under scrutiny was from 2020, around when the initial complaint was filed. Other companies audited included Dagens Industri, Coop, and CDON. Notably, Tele2 and CDON faced fines for not implementing "the same extensive protective measures" as other companies.

This development rings a warning bell for organizations that use Google Analytics, as the decision by IMY may have wide-ranging implications.

Scoby Analytics: Your GDPR-Compliant Solution

In this landscape of increasing regulatory scrutiny, it's crucial to use a web analytics tool that aligns with data protection laws. Enter Scoby Analytics. We're a privacy-centric solution that prioritizes the protection of your website visitors' data.

Scoby Analytics stands out from the pack in a number of ways:

  • German Servers and Privacy-Centric Storage: Unlike Google Analytics, we don't transfer any IP addresses to third parties. All data is processed and stored on servers located in Germany, ensuring strict adherence to Germany's stringent data protection laws and GDPR.

  • No User Consent Required: Scoby Analytics uses server-side measurements and anonymizes usage data, eliminating the need for user consent for tracking.

  • Immunity to Ad Blockers: Our server-side approach means we aren't susceptible to ad blockers or anti-tracking technologies, ensuring you get complete and accurate data.

By prioritizing data privacy and offering a user-friendly platform, Scoby Analytics provides a reliable alternative to Google Analytics, helping you navigate the web analytics landscape without worrying about data privacy compliance.

Are you ready to embrace a more privacy-conscious solution? Try Scoby Analytics free for 30 days and discover why we are the better choice for your business!