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Scoby Analytics vs. Google Analytics 4

The Benefits of Scoby Analytics Over Google Analytics 4

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While Google Analytics certainly leads the pack in the realm of web analytics, its latest version - Google Analytics 4 (GA4) - has shown some shortcomings impacting user-friendliness and privacy. Enter Scoby Analytics - the smarter, more user-friendly, and privacy-conscious alternative to GA4.

The Challenges with GA4

The introduction of GA4 has brought about some challenges that can be hard for businesses to overcome:

  • GA4 is more complex to use compared to its predecessors, leading to a steeper learning curve and additional time spent on usage.
  • Unlike Scoby, which conducts server-side measurements, GA4 requires explicit consent from website visitors for tracking. This means a large chunk of usage data can go unrecorded. Furthermore, GA4 is often blocked by ad blockers and anti-tracking technologies.
  • GA4 makes users start from scratch, even if they have previously been using Universal Analytics. This signifies a loss in historical data and an additional challenge in transferring and reconfiguring tracking parameters.
  • When using GA4, visitor IP addresses are transmitted to Google - a U.S. company. This can raise privacy concerns, particularly in light of the Schrems II judgement, and also requires user consent.

Why Scoby Analytics is the Better Alternative

Scoby Analytics offers a range of advantages that make it an excellent alternative to GA4:

  • Ease of use: Scoby Analytics is easy to use and doesn't require extensive technical knowledge. Our free Looker Studio Connector makes it easy to seamlessly integrate data from Scoby Analytics into existing reports. All of this saves you time and resources.
  • Privacy-conscious: Scoby Analytics was developed from the ground up with a "Privacy-by-Design" approach. We use server-side measurements and anonymize usage data to protect the privacy of your website visitors. It's not necessary to gain user consent for tracking and we are not susceptible to ad blockers or anti-tracking technologies.
  • German servers and privacy-conscious storage: Contrary to GA4, Scoby Analytics does not transmit any IP addresses to third parties. All data are processed and stored on servers in Germany, ensuring full control and compliance with strict German data protection regulations.

Scoby Analytics offers a comprehensive, privacy-conscious, and user-friendly solution for web analytics. We are proud to assist you in gaining meaningful insights into your website's performance without compromising on privacy.

Try Scoby Analytics free for 30 days and find out for yourself why we are the better alternative to Google Analytics 4!