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Scoby Analytics is now a Looker Studio Partner

Explore your Scoby Analytics data in Looker Studio for free

3 min read

We're excited to announce that our official Looker Studio Connector is now available to all Scoby Analytics customers at no extra cost. This new addition is designed to streamline your data management process and enhance your web analytics capabilities.

At Scoby, we are committed to data protection and user anonymity. Our tool has been built from the ground up with a "Privacy-By-Design" approach. This enables us to offer a platform that allows for the analysis of website usage data, without compromising the privacy of your users.

Our new connector simplifies the integration of your Scoby data into your existing Looker Studio reports. It also offers the flexibility to create custom reports based on your specific needs, ensuring your data stays anonymous and secure in line with stringent German data protection laws.

It's important to clarify that even though Looker Studio is a Google product, no personal data will be transferred to Google. Your data stays in your control and is processed and stored exclusively by companies based in Germany.

This is another step in our ongoing commitment to assist you with your web analytics while prioritizing data privacy. The new Looker Studio Connector gives you even more options to effectively use your data without having to compromise on data protection.

We're eager to support you on your path to privacy-compliant and efficient web analytics!