Powerful Multichannel Attribution: Optimize Your Marketing Spend

Simplify Your Marketing Attribution with Clear, Actionable Insights

Scoby Analytics offers a simplified yet powerful approach to multichannel attribution, distinguishing itself from other platforms that often confuse users with complex first, last, or multi-touch attribution models. Our system is designed to be intuitive and effective, not just for large enterprises but for businesses of all sizes.

Scoby Analytics – Powerful Multichannel Attribution

Streamlined Attribution for Effective Marketing

  • Direct Insight into Channel Effectiveness: Scoby Analytics provides immediate insights into how many visitors reached your product through specific marketing channels or organic referrals and converted. This direct approach allows for easy calculation of Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), enhancing your ability to measure and understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

  • 100% Coverage of Paid Entries and Conversions: Unlike other platforms that may only track a subset of your page views, Scoby Analytics captures 100% of your paid entries and conversions. This comprehensive coverage ensures that every aspect of your marketing spend is accounted for, allowing for precise optimization.

  • No Synthetic Users or Modeled Conversions: We rely solely on direct measurements, ensuring that no conversion rates are based on guessed or estimated data, as seen with other consent-bound tools that provide synthetic users or modeled conversions. All insights from Scoby Analytics are derived from pure, direct measurements.

Maximize Your Advertising Efficiency

With Scoby Analytics, optimizing your ad spend becomes more straightforward. Our robust attribution model allows you to see the clear impact of each channel, helping you to make informed decisions on where to allocate your marketing budget for maximum effectiveness.

Scoby Analytics is the tool you need to enhance your marketing strategies. By providing clear and comprehensive insights into multichannel attribution, we help you maximize your return on investment. Contact us to learn how our solution can make your ROAS calculations easy and improve your overall marketing performance.