Complete Insights Unaffected by Anti-Tracking Technology

Unlock Your Full Data Potential with Server-Side Measurements

Scoby Analytics adopts a server-side measurement approach is another building block to tackle the challenges that typically obstruct the full capture of website traffic data: ad blockers, and other browser-based anti-tracking technologies. While these measures are designed to protect visitors from invasive ad networks but can also unintentionally limit your legitimate ability to understand your own traffic.

Scoby Analytics – Server-Side Measurement

By moving measurement to the server, Scoby Analytics leaves behind the contentious space of the browser — where much of the tracking debate and disruption occurs—ensuring a cleaner, more reliable analytics environment. This shift allows us to offer undiluted and precise insights into web traffic and visitor engagement.

Robust Server-Side Analytics

  • Complete Data Capture: Scoby Analytics' server-side technology captures data directly from the server, bypassing the need to interact with the visitor's browser. This method provides an unfiltered view of website traffic, ensuring that data collection is unaffected by any browser-based restrictions or modifications.

  • ePrivacy and GDPR Compliance: Our technology does not access or store any data on client devices, which aligns with ePrivacy regulations requiring minimal data footprint and GDPR's principles of data minimization and privacy by design. This approach not only ensures compliance but also enhances visitor trust by adhering to the highest standards of data privacy.

  • Robust Against Browser Anti-Tracking: Since our measurement occurs at the server level, it remains fully operational regardless of any anti-tracking technologies implemented on the client side, such as ad blockers, browser privacy settings like Safari’s ITP, Apple’s iOS 14 privacy features, and Firefox’s ETP. This ensures consistent and reliable data collection without interruption.

Advanced Data Analysis Beyond Browser Limitations

Utilize Scoby Analytics for a deeper understanding of website dynamics and visitor behavior, all while maintaining the utmost respect for visitor privacy. Contact us to explore how our server-side measurement can transform your data strategy and help you achieve comprehensive insights without the complications associated with browser-based tracking.